Indulge In The Butchered

by Cattleist

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    Guest vocals on "Let It Bleed" by Lenzig Leal of Cephalic Carnage & on "Slave to a Dying Queen" by Galen Stevenson of Iconocaust.
    Hidden track by Status courtesy of Cadava Recordz.
    Artwork by Anthony Salazar.
    Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve Goldberg at Hybrid Studios in Denver, CO.

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released August 22, 2009

Weedski - Guitar & Vocals
Evan - Drums
Leonard - Bass & Backing Vocals
Brandon - Guitar


tags: metal Denver


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Cattleist Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Stringulation
fuck Evan Jones plays too fucking slow / sits behind his kit fucking talking shit / who the fuck is B I write everything / Jason fucking blows 'cause he never shows / I called them out step up to me get beat the fuck down / they won't fight me I am the man I am Weedski / One then all three these motherfuckers start swinging on me / I cannot breathe kicked in the ribs and punched in the teeth / I'm fighting back I'm fighting back 'til they stomp on my neck / then by surprise a fucking drumstick goes right through my eye / blind and bleeding my head is removed with a guitar string / now they will see there's no one to sing
Track Name: Let It Bleed
a life flourishing inevitably / diminishing through cruelty natural order of things / top of the chain with no enemy / controlling the quality based on one thing human need / row upon row open the throat / hung by their feet letting them bleed / to exist in a crate is a horrible fate / I won't complain that it's wrong it tastes fucking great with steak sauce / if it has a face it belongs on my plate / it's not symbolic carnage we just harvest the carne / we are not opposed to greens vegetables and smoking weed / I'd rather have a cattlechopp t-bone steak or shishkabob / ribs up on the barbecue porterhouse or beefy stew / hogs get the leftover food then we eat those motherfuckers too / (thanks to this empty pipe got an endless fucking appetite / ruptured arteries continue to profusely bleed / raid the meat locker indulge in the butchered / I can never stop gluttony with pot)
Track Name: Nothing Can Be Done
fuck this it's just like the other shit / music made on a bunch of borrowed riffs / falsify thieving on another bite / change a line voiding the copyright / duplicate mastery of cover songs / memorize pages we have written on / different tempo it is not the same / bottle it reface the packaging / organize the place and the time / unburying what years leave behind / their hard times have yet to begin / I anticipate the failure of it
Track Name: Slave To A Dying Queen
slave to the queen looking for food / lost in the grasslands the enemy is huge / random are we scattered or certain is doom / apocalypse comes in the shape of a shoe / the frigid months are hard there's nothing to eat / the colony survives when the army succeeds / stronger than a human pound for pound / defenseless as we're crushed to the ground / this is it our kingdom come / as little kids stomp on us just a bug's oblivion / burned and smashed by kids the army ants have won / war is not done extinction will come block out the sun / penetrate the exoskeleton 'til they die survive the human holocaust / death has found us a toxic fog extermination a pressurized gun / devastate the population / fat man white suit goggles black boots / demands further insect murder / liquid disease plague the species / nowhere to run dissolve the skeleton bodies turn to sludge then eaten by bigger bugs / ingest the poison kill another one / ingest the poison kill another one / surround our queen as she's dying / cloud of murder took our ruler / homes destroyed and tunnels broken thousands perish in a moment / some survive to procreate another queen another slave
Track Name: Cattlechopps
light the bowl tap the keg barbecue in the dark butchery of cattle parts / we like dead beef bovine cuisine thick and sweet bloody red meat / stuffing our face skipping the grace slaughter the beast mankind shall feast / we'll cut the steak if you provide the beer burning flesh saturates the evening air / cattleist engorged by such a tasty kill born and grazed simply to become a meal / as we smoke we drink just to quench our thirst fill our bodies with the blood of the earth / bottled hops and killer pot there's nothing hurt / cattlechopps and special sauce we'll smoke dessert / take a ribeye home give your dog the bone / no recipe just barbecued meat / many cows per field one license to grill